About Us

Our Mission

To expedite the movement of small to medium-sized goods in the construction industry by providing a simple and convenient way for businesses to share transportation needs with local haulers.

Team meeting around a table discussing ideas

Our Team

With over 5 decades of experience providing inventory and logistics services in the construction industry, our team understands the daily transportation challenges this industry navigates. The Fero team is made up of experts from large scale construction companies, equipment rental and global software development organizations. Many of our team members have assisted in creating several cutting-edge supply chain and transportation innovation strategies being used within the construction market today.

Our Vision

To revolutionize transportation in the construction industry by providing reliable, efficient last mile delivery services that enhance the productivity and profitability of our customers. We aim to become the trusted platform for construction professionals looking to streamline their supply chain and improve their delivery process. Using Fero’s cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we will set a new standard for last mile delivery in the construction industry.

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Our Process


Shipper’s input the load details and confirm shipment using the Fero application


Load is matched and shipments are accepted by a nearby hauler, based on load specifications

Haul & Track

Hauler loads, secures, takes photos, unloads, and captures receiver signature. Real-time tracking is available to both shippers and receivers

Rate & Manage

Rate haulers and shippers. All data is stored in secured both Shipper’s and Hauler’s dashboards

Hauler F.A.Q.

How much can I earn?

Hauler’s average $75 to $150 per hour based on vehicle types.

Shipper F.A.Q.

Who are Fero haulers?

Haulers are independent contractors who use privately owned vehicles to transport items.