Fero FAQ

Hauler FAQ

How much can I earn?

Hauler’s average $75 to $150 per hour based on vehicle type

What are the vehicle requirements to haul for Fero?
  • Model year 2000 or newer Pickup truck, Cargo Van (no passenger seats), or Flatbed truck with a GVWR under 26,000lb. Pickup trucks must have a minimum unrestricted bed length of 5ft, Cargo vans must have a minimum of 6ft of available floor space
  • No salvage titles
  • Approved 18 points inspection
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current auto insurance policy with minimum of (25k injury/50k total/15k property) coverage
Is there any special equipment required to haul for Fero or access your shipping partners facilitates?
  • Haulers are expected to have 2 – 4 ratchet straps with a minimum load cap of 500lbs and a minimum break strength of 1,500lbs, closed-toed shoes or boots, and work gloves
  • Some shippers and receivers might require a safety vest, hard hat and safety glasses to access their facilities
What are the costs to be a hauler for Fero?

Hauler pays the initial cost of an 18-point vehicle inspection

Fero will reimburse costs after 10 completed transports. Fero also collects a % of the shipping fees from each transport

How are heavy items loaded and unloaded?

Haulers can safely load and unload items up to 65lbs unassisted

Shippers acknowledge to aid with items over 65lbs during the booking process


Does Fero provide insurance?

Fero has supplemental commercial auto liability and cargo insurance in the event the Hauler’s personal coverage cannot cover the full cost of a major incident during the shipping process between pickup and drop-off

Hauler’s personal insurance policy is responsible for the primary coverage when hauling the shipper’s goods or operating their vehicle

What should I do if there is an accident during a transport?

If it’s an emergency call 911

Non-emergency, contact accidentsupport@feronow.com

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down during a transport?
Can I haul with a vehicle if I’m not the registered owner?


You must be the legal registered owner and named as an insured driver on the vehicle

Can I use a rental vehicle to haul for Fero?


If the rental agreement is for a period of 30 days or more

How do I sign up?

Request the Fero Hauler app from links on website

What are the hauler requirements for Fero?
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Valid in-state driver’s license, active-duty military are exempt with proof of service
  • Willing and physically able to lift at least 65lbs
  • Working iPhone or Android phone
  • Bank account to receive direct deposit
  • Approved background check
  • Acceptable MVR (Automatic Disqualifications)
    • Hauler is less than 21 and has more than 1 incident
    • Hauler is over 21 and has more than 2 incidents in past 3 years
      • (An incident is an at-fault accident or a moving violation other than a major violation. An accident and violation occurring at the same time will be considered one incident)
    • Hauler with a major violation within the last 3 years. A major violation would include:
      • DWI or DUI
      • Reckless Driving
      • Homicide or assault
      • Driving with a suspended license
      • Failure to stop or report; and
      • Any hauler with a license that is suspended or expired
How long does the application process take?

Most applications take approximately 5-8 business days to be fully on-boarded

Delays are subject to applicants’ ability to submit required documentation requirements timely (i.e., driver’s license, background check information, W9 form, registration, proof of insurance, vehicle inspection)

How long and far is a typical transport?

The average transport takes about an hour

Distances between pickup and drop off range from 15-30 miles

How are haulers paid time calculated?

Fare is calculated from when the hauler leaves the pickup point all the way through the unloading process at the receiver point

Wait time is also paid to the hauler if a shipper has delays providing access or assistance to the cargo during the loading process

When do Haulers get paid?

Funds are transferred to hauler’s bank account weekly

I can’t find the pickup or drop off location?

Contact the shipper or receiver through the Fero app

If the shipper or receiver does not respond after two attempts, contact haulersupport@feronow.com

I'm a business with a fleet of vehicles, can my business haul for Fero?


Please contact haulersupport@feronow.com

The shipper’s load details were inaccurate and will not safely fit in my vehicle, or shipper cannot provide loading or unloading assistance?

Contact haulersupport@feronow.com

Support representative will advise canceling load and the hauler will be paid a flat cancelation rate

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Shipper FAQ

Who are Fero haulers?

Haulers are independent contractors who use privately owned vehicles to transport items

How much does a Fero transport cost?

Transport cost varies based on the vehicle size needed, trip mileage, trip time, and any waiting fees if applicable

Is POP and POD contact information visible to the Hauler

Haulers only see the contact’s first name

The hauler can call shippers and receivers through the hauler app.  All phone calls between haulers, shippers and receivers are masked with a generic number

Can I cancel a transport?


However if a hauler has accepted a transport and is on the way to the pickup, a cancellation fee will apply

How does Fero bill?

Shipper can pay by credit card for each transport or from loaded funds in a credit wallet in the Shipper’s profile

ACH payment is offered for eligible shippers with payment terms

How do I submit a claim for missing or damaged items?

Complete an incident form within 7 days of the completed transport

Form can be obtained by emailing claims@feronow.com

How do I contact customer support?
Do Fero haulers offer towing?

Haulers can tow fixed trailered items that do not exceed 10,000 lbs

Select haulers with certification are eligible to tow loads requiring items to be secured on trailers decks

Does the person submitting the shipment request need to be at the pickup and drop off location?


Bookings do require the shipper to enter a point of contact for both POP & POD locations to assist the hauler with directions if needed and signature capture

How do I check the status of my transport?

Fero’s software has an automated feature that notifies shippers during stages of the transport via SMS notification

Shippers can also check the status manually on the mobile app or in the desktop web portal

What insurance does Fero have?

Every hauler who transports with Fero has their own auto liability insurance

Fero has cargo and commercial liability policies in addition to haulers coverage policy

What items does Fero not haul?







Hazardous Materials

Or anything illegal

Can a shipper ride in a hauler’s vehicle?


Haulers are not able to take shippers as passengers

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