Hotshot Trucking Jobs in Houston, Texas

Start a rewarding career with FERO in Houston and earn over $75 per hour hauling goods. Download the FERO app to access flexible work schedules and tap into significant earning potential as a professional hauler!

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Flexible Schedule

Haul Products, Not People

Earn up to $75-$150/Hr*

Weekly Vendor Payments

What Types of Material & Equipment Would You Deliver?

As a hotshot driver with FERO in Houston, Texas, you will play a key role in supplying a diverse range of materials and equipment essential to several critical sectors. Your cargo will typically consist of construction materials such as drywall, insulation, and roofing supplies, as well as heavier equipment like mini-excavators and skid-steer loaders, all within a maximum weight limit of 15,000 pounds.

Beyond the realm of construction, your responsibilities will also include the transport of manufacturing inputs like aluminum and plastic pellets, and crucial machine parts that are necessary for maintaining active production lines. Additionally, you will handle the delivery of vital industrial machinery and tools, such as boilers and other maintenance-specific equipment. The primary goal in your role at FERO is to guarantee the safe and timely delivery of these important items, thereby supporting the ongoing productivity and operational success of businesses throughout Houston. Your efforts ensure not only the satisfaction of FERO’s clientele but also the smooth continuation of industry operations across the city.

What Sectors Would You Deliver For?

Sectors We Deliver For


As a FERO hotshot driver in Houston, Texas, you will be integral to the construction industry, delivering vital materials and equipment that drive both residential and commercial building projects. Your cargo will include foundational supplies such as lumber, steel beams, and concrete blocks, as well as essential machinery like excavators, forklifts, and generators. These deliveries are critical to maintaining timely progress at construction sites, contributing to the city’s development, and supporting the growth of its infrastructure.


In the manufacturing sector, your role will be pivotal in transporting raw materials and components required for production across diverse industries. You’ll handle materials crucial for sectors including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and consumer goods. Your consistent and reliable delivery services help Houston’s manufacturers keep their production lines moving, manage inventory effectively, and maintain their operational schedules without delays.


Your responsibilities extend to the industrial sector, where you’ll deliver large machinery and vital parts necessary for the smooth running of facilities like manufacturing plants, power plants, and refineries. The items you transport, such as compressors, pumps, and turbines, are essential for maintaining operational continuity. Your timely and reliable service is crucial in preventing downtime and supporting the efficiency and safety of Houston’s extensive industrial operations. Your efforts ensure that these facilities can continue to operate at peak productivity, bolstering the local economy and securing the industrial sector’s robustness.

Types of Hotshot Delivery Vehicles Needed for Same-Day Delivery Professionals

Fero Pickup Truck


In Houston, FERO hotshot drivers predominantly operate their own pickup trucks, tailored for rapid delivery requirements. These trucks are equipped with cargo beds measuring between 6 to 8 feet and have the capacity to manage loads from 1,200 to 4,500 pounds. FERO’s sophisticated matching system pairs drivers with deliveries that are compatible with their truck’s specifications, ensuring efficient and reliable transport for a variety of delivery needs.

Fero Hotshot Delivery Van

Pickups with Trailers

When additional cargo space is required, FERO drivers in Houston can enhance their hauling capabilities by attaching trailers to their pickups. Available options include utility trailers, which range from 12 to 20 feet and support up to 4,500 pounds, deck trailers from 16 to 24 feet with a maximum of 6,500 pounds, and heavy equipment trailers between 16 and 20 feet capable of carrying up to 7,000 pounds. This adaptability allows drivers to handle a wider array of delivery assignments, expanding their professional opportunities.

Fero Flatbed Hotshot Truck


For transporting large or irregularly shaped items, flatbed trucks are essential. FERO drivers should have flatbeds that are between 10 to 22 feet in length and can support loads of up to 6,000 pounds. This type of vehicle is crucial for the secure transportation of bulky cargo. FERO ensures that these trucks are matched with suitable loads, facilitating the safe and efficient delivery of substantial items.

Fero Hotshot Delivery Van

Cargo Vans

For urgent deliveries involving smaller items, cargo vans are the vehicle of choice for FERO drivers. These vans should provide 8 to 10 feet of cargo space and be capable of carrying payloads up to 1,500 pounds. Ideal for local and long-distance routes, cargo vans offer an effective solution for time-sensitive shipments. FERO’s system ensures that these vans are consistently utilized for appropriate, high-priority tasks, maximizing the drivers’ time and earning potential.

All vehicles have GVWR under 26,000lb

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How the FERO Mobile App Empowers Hotshot Workers

Joining FERO in Houston means gaining access to our cutting-edge mobile app, designed to revolutionize the way hotshot workers operate in the city. Seamlessly connecting haulers with shippers, our platform streamlines the process of finding and securing transportation jobs across various sectors, from construction to manufacturing and industrial.

The FERO app simplifies the daily operations of hotshot drivers by integrating job scheduling, progress tracking, and communication with shippers into one streamlined platform. This modern approach eliminates the traditional complications associated with job hunting, offering a more efficient and flexible method for managing logistics tasks. Hotshot drivers can now enjoy the convenience of handling all their job needs through a single app, enhancing their efficiency and maximizing their earning potential in Houston’s competitive transportation industry.

How Does The FERO Delivery Process Work?


FERO redefines the delivery process for hotshot drivers in Houston, offering a seamless and efficient experience tailored to the bustling logistics landscape of the city. Through our intuitive app, shippers post comprehensive load information, enabling drivers to quickly find and accept jobs that match their expertise and vehicle capabilities. This streamlined scheduling system minimizes downtime, allowing drivers to focus on maximizing their earnings on the vibrant roads of Houston.


Our advanced platform is engineered to optimize load matching, taking into account precise criteria such as location and load specifics. Instant notifications alert drivers to available jobs that align perfectly with their schedule and equipment, reducing idle time and ensuring a steady stream of opportunities. With FERO, drivers can capitalize on the dynamic logistics environment of Houston, maximizing their work hours and income with every delivery.

Haul & Track

Upon accepting a job, drivers take charge of loading, securing, and transporting the cargo, while documenting crucial steps like photo evidence and recipient signatures. FERO’s cutting-edge tracking system maintains continuous communication between shippers and drivers, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the delivery process. This meticulous attention to detail helps cultivate trust with clients and uphold the professional reputation of Houston’s hotshot drivers.

Rate & Manage

After completing a delivery, both hotshot drivers and shippers participate in a mutual rating system, fostering a culture of excellence and continual improvement. All transaction and performance data are meticulously curated within FERO’s dashboards, simplifying task management and enabling drivers to refine their services continually. This feedback loop is instrumental in driving operational excellence and ensuring that hotshot drivers thrive in Houston’s competitive delivery market.

Hauler Benefits

Joining FERO as a hauler in Houston presents a host of benefits tailored to elevate your career in the transportation industry. Whether you prioritize flexible scheduling or maximizing your income potential, FERO offers a supportive environment that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Here are several compelling reasons why becoming a FERO hauler could be a game-changer for you.

Flexible Schedule

FERO understands the importance of work-life balance, which is why we offer unmatched flexibility in scheduling for haulers. Whether you opt for full-time or part-time work, you have the autonomy to set your hours according to your personal commitments. This flexibility empowers you to prioritize your well-being while still enjoying a fulfilling career in the dynamic transportation sector of Houston.

Access Thousands of Customers

By joining FERO, you gain access to a vast network of potential clients, ranging from prominent players in the construction to manufacturing sectors. This expansive clientele base opens up numerous opportunities for consistent work, allowing you to expand your business footprint and thrive in Houston’s vibrant economy.

Haul Products, Not People

Unlike traditional rideshare services that involve passenger transportation, FERO specializes exclusively in hauling goods. This focused approach eliminates the uncertainty and complexity associated with passenger management, providing you with a straightforward and hassle-free hauling experience. Embrace the simplicity and reliability of transporting goods, which often translates to more predictable income streams.

Earn Up to $75-$150/HR

As a FERO hauler, you have the potential to earn substantial income, with hourly rates ranging from $75 to $150 based on the nature of the load and distance traveled. This competitive pay scale, combined with the opportunity to accept multiple hauls, empowers you to significantly enhance your financial stability and prosperity in Houston’s bustling transportation landscape.

Weekly Vendor Payments

At FERO, we value the hard work of our haulers and prioritize prompt payment processing. With weekly vendor payments, you can expect to receive your earnings without delay, eliminating the typical uncertainty associated with freelance or contracting roles. This consistent cash flow enables you to manage your finances effectively and focus on delivering exceptional service without financial distractions. Join FERO today and experience the rewards of being a part of Houston’s premier hotshot trucking team.

Hauler Testimonials

I was a logistic specialist in the Army hauling freight. Fero has help me transition into the civilian workforce while allowing me to work in an active environment like I did during my service career.

Sgt. M. Olsen - US Army Retired

I worked construction most of my adult life, and now retired, Fero gives me the opportunity to make great money while still being a part of the trade I dedicated my life to.

Mike N

Hauling with Fero, I am earning more per hour than my other job. The flexible schedule is also a major plus.

Zane W

Vehicle Requirements for Haulers

Ownership Requirement

FERO stipulates that haulers must exclusively use vehicles they own for delivery services. This policy ensures drivers maintain full control and responsibility for their transport vehicles, fostering a culture of accountability and reliability essential for delivering exceptional service in Houston’s fast-paced environment.

Registration and Insurance

To operate within FERO’s network, all haulers must ensure their vehicles are appropriately registered and adequately insured in accordance with state regulations. This commitment to legal compliance not only protects the hauler’s interests but also safeguards FERO’s reputation and operations during every delivery endeavor in Houston.

Vehicle Inspection

Prior to commencing delivery operations under FERO, all vehicles undergo a meticulous 18-point safety inspection. This rigorous evaluation is essential to confirm that each vehicle is in peak condition, minimizing the risk of mechanical failures and ensuring optimal efficiency and safety throughout Houston’s diverse transportation landscape.

Manufacture Date Requirement

FERO maintains a policy requiring all delivery vehicles to be manufactured from the year 2000 onwards. This directive ensures that our fleet remains aligned with current environmental and safety standards, promoting fuel efficiency, reliability, and reduced downtime for repairs. By adhering to this requirement, FERO haulers can confidently navigate Houston’s bustling streets, delivering goods with precision and reliability.

Eligibility Requirements for Haulers

Age Requirement

To become a hauler with FERO, applicants must be at least 18 years old, in compliance with legal standards for operating commercial vehicles in the transportation industry. This requirement ensures that all drivers possess the maturity and responsibility necessary for safe and efficient driving.

Driver's License

All aspiring haulers must hold a valid driver’s license issued by the state of Texas. This credential is indispensable for maintaining compliance with local traffic regulations and upholding the highest standards of road safety while representing FERO on Houston’s bustling streets.

Physical Ability

Given the nature of the job, candidates should demonstrate the physical capability to lift a minimum of 65 pounds. This requirement ensures that haulers can handle the loading, unloading, and transportation of diverse cargo safely and effectively, contributing to seamless delivery operations across Houston’s diverse landscape.

Smartphone Compatibility

As part of the FERO team, haulers must possess a compatible smartphone—either an iPhone or Android device—to utilize our innovative mobile app. This app serves as a central hub for managing delivery schedules, navigating routes, and facilitating communication with dispatch and customers, enhancing efficiency and connectivity on the road.

Background Check

To uphold our commitment to safety and reliability, FERO conducts comprehensive background checks on all applicants, including a thorough review of their driving records. This process ensures that our team comprises trustworthy individuals who prioritize professionalism and integrity in their work, instilling confidence in our clients and stakeholders.

Payment Setup

To streamline payment processes, haulers are required to have an active bank account where FERO can deposit earnings directly. This setup not only expedites payment processing but also provides haulers with convenient access to their hard-earned funds, empowering financial stability and peace of mind as they navigate Houston’s bustling transportation landscape. Join FERO today and embark on a fulfilling journey as a hotshot hauler in the heart of Houston’s vibrant economy.

Hotshot Trucking Job Locations for Texas

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Hauler F.A.Q.

How much can I earn?

Hauler’s average $75 to $150 per hour based on vehicle types.

Shipper F.A.Q.

Who are Fero haulers?

Haulers are independent contractors who use privately owned vehicles to transport items.