Construction Equipment Transport in Phoenix, Arizona

Real-time tracking, background checked, insured haulers are ready to support the last mile hauling for any project..

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Revamp your construction equipment transport operations in Phoenix, Arizona, with FERO’s cutting-edge mobile app. Crafted to cater specifically to the dynamic needs of the construction industry in the region, our platform seamlessly links haulers with shippers, completely revolutionizing last-mile transportation solutions.

Effortlessly coordinate scheduling, tracking, and communication within a single, intuitive interface, bidding farewell to cumbersome processes and welcoming unmatched convenience. Embrace a new era of shipping construction equipment tailored exclusively for the vibrant businesses of Arizona. Experience the pinnacle of transportation innovation—download the FERO app today and unlock unparalleled efficiency and reliability for your construction equipment transport endeavors in Phoenix.

Explore Our Services in Phoenix

Elevate your construction equipment transport with FERO’s specialized services designed for the bustling job sites of the region. We excel in transporting construction equipment safely and directly to your project site, ensuring seamless operations and minimal downtime for our clients. Our dedicated network of haulers utilizes privately owned vehicles and specialized trailers to swiftly transport heavy construction equipment, guaranteeing timely delivery to keep your projects on track.

Whether you’re in the construction, manufacturing, or industrial sectors, FERO’s dedication to efficiency ensures that your equipment arrives precisely when and where you need it. Trust FERO for reliable construction equipment transport services that prioritize the success of your projects in Arizona’s fast-paced construction environment.

Sectors We Deliver For

Heavy Civil Construction

FERO is your trusted partner for streamlined logistics in heavy civil construction projects. We understand the critical importance of timely equipment delivery to keep these large-scale infrastructure projects on track. Whether it’s generators, concrete mixers, or small loaders, our construction equipment transport services ensure that your project site receives the necessary machinery precisely when needed.

Commercial Construction

In the bustling realm of commercial construction in Phoenix, efficiency is paramount. FERO’s tailored transport solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of commercial projects. From transporting scaffolding to delivering HVAC units, we ensure prompt and reliable deliveries to support the seamless progress of your commercial construction endeavors.

Residential Construction

Building homes requires precision and punctuality. FERO understands the importance of timely equipment delivery in residential construction projects. Whether it’s transporting forklifts, mini excavators, or scissor lifts, our construction equipment transport services ensure that your residential construction site receives the necessary machinery precisely when required, allowing for smooth progress and timely completion.

Industrial Construction

Industrial projects demand robust logistics solutions. FERO’s specialized transport services cater to the unique needs of industrial construction endeavors. From transporting industrial boilers to delivering processing equipment, we ensure efficient and dependable deliveries to support the uninterrupted progress of your industrial construction projects.

Specialty Construction

In niche sectors like specialty construction, tailored solutions are essential. FERO’s transport services are designed to meet the specialized needs of projects such as environmental remediation and marine construction. From transporting specialized equipment to delivering materials for renewable energy projects, we ensure precise and reliable deliveries to support the successful execution of your specialty construction endeavors.

Types of Construction Equipment Transport Vehicles

Fero Pickup Truck


FERO’s construction equipment transport service offers pickups designed to meet your shipping needs efficiently. With cargo bed lengths of 6 ft. to 8 ft. and payloads up to 4,500 lbs, our pickups provide versatility and reliability, ensuring timely delivery of your goods to their destination. Our pickup fleet also offers safe and experienced towing delivery. With a wide range of mounted hitch options, our team of haulers is capable of transporting anything from generators to towable booms. Trust FERO’s Phoenix pickups for dependable hauling solutions, regardless of the size or urgency of your shipment.

Fero Hotshot Delivery Van

Pickups with Trailers

If your construction equipment requires more space than a regular pickup bed, FERO’s hotshot delivery service also offers trailer capacity. With a variety of trailer types, you can depend on us to drop off your equipment when and where you need it. Our fleet ranges from utility trailers (12 ft. to 20 ft. with max payloads of 4,500 lbs) to deck trailers (16 ft. to 24 ft. with max payloads of 6,500 lbs) to full equipment trailers (16 ft. to 20 ft. with max payloads of 7,000 lbs).

Fero Flatbed Hotshot Truck


For the transportation of oversized or irregularly shaped construction machinery, FERO’s flatbed trucks are the ultimate solution. Our flatbed trucks feature cargo lengths ranging from 10ft to 22ft and payloads of up to 6,000 lbs, providing the versatility and capacity required to securely transport heavy and bulky construction equipment to their destination. Trust FERO’s flatbed transport for safe and reliable transportation of your construction machinery, ensuring it reaches its destination intact, regardless of its size or shape.

Fero Hotshot Delivery Van

Cargo Vans

In need of expedited shipping for smaller construction equipment loads? FERO’s fleet of cargo vans is the optimal choice. With cargo lengths ranging from 8ft to 10ft and payloads of up to 1,500 lbs, our cargo vans are well-equipped to handle local, regional, or long-distance ground transportation needs across Phoenix, Arizona. Rely on FERO for swift and efficient transportation of your construction equipment, no matter the distance.

All vehicles have GVWR under 26,000lb

How FERO Streamlines Construction Equipment Transport


With FERO, scheduling light and heavy equipment transport services has never been simpler. Shippers input load details and confirm shipments using our intuitive application, streamlining the process from start to finish for efficient logistics management.


FERO’s innovative platform ensures precise matching of construction equipment loads with nearby haulers, based on specific load specifications. Bid farewell to delays and uncertainties—FERO seamlessly connects shippers with haulers, ensuring timely and reliable transportation of equipment.

Haul & Track

Once matched, haulers securely load and transport construction equipment, capturing essential details such as photos and receiver signatures. Real-time tracking keeps shippers and receivers informed at every stage of the transport process, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout Phoenix, AZ.

Rate & Manage

Following delivery, both shippers and haulers have the opportunity to rate each other’s services, ensuring quality and reliability are maintained. All data is securely stored in dedicated dashboards, facilitating seamless management and continual improvement of the construction equipment transport process. With FERO, efficiency and satisfaction are seamlessly integrated, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Shipper Benefits

Real-Time Tracking

Accelerate Delivery Times

Offset Labor Shortages

Elevate Customer Experience

Increase Delivery ROI

Reduce Operating Cost

Shipper Testimonials

As a commercial homebuilder, I spend most of my day driving from job site to job site checking on crews, and dropping off materials. Fero has increased our efficiency, keeping crews onsite finishing projects.

Paul - Freedom Work Construction

Receiving deliveries on job sites has always been a struggle, suppliers that cannot give an accurate delivery time makes finding a crew member when an unexpected delivery arrives frustrating. Fero has solved this problem with its real-time tracking and push notifications features.

Dave - Commercial Mechanical Contractor

Last minute deliveries are a daily occurrence in the construction rental business, using Fero has increased my ability to get our equipment to customers faster without overwhelming our internal resources.

Michelle- Equipment Rental Business

Hauler Benefits

Flexible Schedule

Haul Products, Not People

Earn $75-$150/Hr*

Weekly Vendor Payments

Flexible Schedule

Haul Products, Not People

Earn $75-$150/Hr*

Weekly Vendor Payments

Hauler Testimonials

I was a logistic specialist in the Army hauling freight. Fero has help me transition into the civilian workforce while allowing me to work in an active environment like I did during my service career.

Sgt. M. Olsen - US Army Retired

I worked construction most of my adult life, and now retired, Fero gives me the opportunity to make great money while still being a part of the trade I dedicated my life to.

Mike N

Hauling with Fero, I am earning more per hour than my other job. The flexible schedule is also a major plus.

Zane W

Construction Equipment Transport: The FERO Difference

Easy Management Through The FERO App

At FERO, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency in managing your construction equipment transport needs. Our intuitive FERO app allows for seamless load scheduling, tracking, and communication, ensuring that every aspect of your shipment is easily managed with just a few taps, right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Same-Day Delivery

We understand the urgency of construction equipment transport and strive to exceed your expectations with our timely delivery service. With FERO, you can trust that your equipment will reach its destination promptly and reliably, keeping your construction projects running smoothly without any delays.

Flexibility and versatility

FERO offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability in meeting your construction equipment transport requirements. Whether you need to transport small tools or large machinery, our skilled network of drivers is equipped to handle any job, adapting to your specific needs with precision and efficiency.

Delivery Drivers Who Understand Your Industry

Our delivery drivers at FERO are not just skilled professionals—they’re also experts in the construction industry. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of construction projects, our drivers ensure that your equipment is handled with care and expertise, providing you with the reliable results you expect every time.

Construction Equipment Transport Locations for Arizona

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Hauler F.A.Q.

How much can I earn?

Hauler’s average $75 to $150 per hour based on vehicle types.

Shipper F.A.Q.

Who are Fero haulers?

Haulers are independent contractors who use privately owned vehicles to transport items.